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What You Need to Know About Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding can be scary: There are so many details to consider, the venue, the bouquet, the braid’s maid dresses, everything is important. But many times the anxiety of wedding planning comes from not knowing what to expect. From budgeting to deciding on the number of guest to invite, this article will give you an understanding of what you need to know about wedding planning.

It’s all about the budget

The first thing you need to know about wedding planning is that you have to set a budget. Budgeting is not the most glamorous or fun part of wedding planning, but it’s the most important step, and in the end you’ll be happy did. The right questions can help you figure out how much you will need to spend:

Are you paying for the whole wedding yourself?

Are your parents paying for it?

Are you going to have help paying for some of the expenses?

Once you have set the budget, stick with it. Sometimes we It’s easy to start thinking of all the fun and wonderful details things that will make your wedding just perfect. After you have the budget figure out then is time But, you have to decide what is moredetails are most important to you in regards of your wedding. Do What do you want to spend more money on: the food or, the cake? , your Dressdress, flowers entertainment, or the venue? Make Making a list to will help you and decide what you can cut or are you willing to spend less inwant to focus your money on.

Budgeting is not the most glamorous or fun part of wedding planning, but it’s the most important step, and in the end you’ll be happy did.

expect the unexpected

Another thing that you need to know about wedding planning is that not everything will will bego according to plan, and you will have to be willing toso be flexible. I am not saying that it will be a disaster or that it will destroy your perfect day but you have to keepKeep in mind that there are many moving parts and that need to coordinate with one another and sometime it isit can be difficult for everyone to be on the same page. This could be a very small detail like the flower girl lost a shoe to, or a larger potential catastrophe such as the weather changed and now you have to take your wedding inside insteada change in weather if you’re having an outdoor wedding. You have to be prepared to deal with the situation. And that takes me to the next point, when planning your wedding keep in mind the weather of when you want to get married to decide on the venue and if it will be an inside or outside wedding.

It’s okay to ask for help

We tend to want to do everything ourselves, but somethimessometimes we need some help. this is the time to decideDo you have it in your budget to hire a wedding planner? Or, will will you rely on your maid of honor to help you with the planning?

Asking for help also touches on expecting the unexpected. Your loved ones want to see you happy on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid of asking for help from family and friends, especially if an unexpected challenge comes up.

Size does matter!

How big is your wedding going to be?

When making the wedding guest list keep in mind who you really want to share your day with.. Are you going to invite your childhood friends who you only communicate thru through facebookFacebook on their birthday? Or, are will you going to have an intimate wedding with your family and closest friends? Who do you want to see and share one of the most important moments of your life with? The size of your wedding depends on you, keep in mind that you can have a perfect small, and luxurious wedding and still be in youron budget.

Are you going to have a wedding party or is it going to be just your maid of honor and best man?

Finally, Take a moment to take it all in and enjoy your planning

Event through the chaos and pressure, take some time to step back and look at your wedding as a whole. Every decision made and vendor booked is an accomplishment. It will be much less stressful if you focus on the progress rather than the incomplete list. And remember to enjoy the moments spent with family and friends.


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